Don’t forget to reserve your place for the Members Evening on Saturday 15 December (last orders Wednesday 12) and please note that the start time is a little earlier at 7.15pm. Tickets for the evening (£5 for members, £10 for guests) are available from johnrimmer123@gmail.com (tel 01903 744832).

Everyone who turns up at 9am at the village hall on Saturday 15 December will be given an acting part, and/or a job or several jobs to do. We will be there all day (bring a packed lunch) and a performance will be given to members in the evening. All members are welcome: come dressed as you wish; remember that you will need to book a ticket from John for the evening too.


reading a play

The play reading on Friday 30 November at The Five Bells was well attended, with1 24 people taking turns to read – numbers at these events are increasing. We had good fun – especially because of the range of Yorkshire accents on offer (stretching from London to Newcastle to Coronation Street to the East End of London [Dick Van Dyke] to the USA), for J.B. Priestley’s When We Were Married.


Read about our 2019 Drama Festival on the Inside story page

We are...

... a very friendly long established but go-ahead group who enjoy getting together to put on plays for the local community. Whether you just want to come and watch our productions or would like to help you're very welcome. You could take an active role as an actor, front-of-house or backstage hand, or in technical support.

House Guest Rehearsal

House Guest Director Ralph Wigg

Angela and Julian

Angela and Julian held a meeting about Play in a Day at which they gave away almost no information.



15 December: members evening (see left)

7 and 10 January: auditions for When We Are Married

20 January: play readings for the Drama Festival

          The Society at Work


Our November production was very well received playing over three eveings to packed houses.

House Guest Curtain


We have play readings on Sunday 20 January 2019 in the conservatory at The Five Bells, to give members a chance to familiarise themselves with submissions for our entry to the Drama Festival and to make comments on which they would prefer.

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