Our May play - Sunday 12 May was our set-build day. Activity began slowly, with a stack of theatrical 'flats' being ferried on a trolley from our store to the village hall. Then work gathered pace, the flats were stood up and screwed together, lights were moved about, and audio equipment set up. After that the long task of painting and wallpapering got underway. Although it was hard work, our members enjoyed the day.

There are tickets still available for our performances. Do come...

See David Goddard's trailer below to whet your appetite for the show...

Show Times:

FRIDAY 24 May - 7:30                  Rehearsals are now in full swing for our May

SATURDAY 25 May - 2:30           play, which promises to be a hoot. Keep

SATURDAY 25 May - 7:30           practising those Yorkshire, accents, me ducks.

WWAM rehearsal 1

We are...

... a very friendly long established but go-ahead group who enjoy getting together to put on plays for the local community. Come and watch our productions or come and help.

WWAM set build 1

WWAM wallpapering

all hands


Since rehearsals began for When We Are Married I understand that large numbers of empty Port bottles are accumulating on the village hall doorstep. (from Alice Tattle)


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24 and 25 May: Our Spring Production

J B Priestley's When We Are Married

24 - 27 July - Drama Festival

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