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The play reading on Friday 30 November at The Five Bells was well attended, with1 24 people taking turns to read - numbers at these events are increasing. We had good fun - especially because of the range of Yorkshire accents on offer (stretching from London to Newcastle to Coronation Street to the East End of London [Dick Van Dyke] to the USA), for J.B. Priestley's When We Were Married.


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stage Love begins scene

Rehearsal for Love Begins at Fifty 2002



Our 2019 Drama Festival

The Working Party for the Horsham District Year of Culture Drama Festival is hard at work on plans for the event. Invitations to submit an entry have been sent to 12 different Amateur Dramatic Society's in the area, and at present we have 7 confirmed participating societies. We aim to have three productions on each of the three competition evenings (24th to 26th July 2019) with the winners of the different categories being announced at a Gala Night on the fourth evening (27th July 2019). More details will follow as our plans develop; however, we are still looking for someone to help with the Publicity and PR for this very important event in our 2019 calendar. So please if you know someone who might be prepared to help contact Geofrey Steward on 01798 874932.




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