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There's a lot do do to prepare for the festival: the Working Party is hard at it on plans for the event. We have to organise facilities and rehearsal dates for up to nine dramatic societies from across the Horsham District (including ourselves) who have been invited to enter the competition. With the festival we hope to promote the Dramatic Society, amateur dramatics and the village. We'll need lots of help in all kinds of capacities from our members.

The festival will be a competition of one-act plays (30-50 minutes in duration). The play can be a one-act play or an act/excerpt from a longer play which can 'stand-alone'. Invites have been sent to drama groups and societies across the District. At the time of writing we have 6 confirmed entries and the possibility of one more. We can take a maximum of 9 entries (2-3 per evening). There will be a professional adjudicator and prizes for:

  • Best Female Actor
  • Best Male Actor
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Director
  • Best Best Production
  • Best Original Play

Horsham District Council has given WCDS a grant of £1500 towards the event in recognition that our event is part of the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019.


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stage Love begins scene

Rehearsal for Love Begins at Fifty 2002

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Other information:

Tickets: we are planning for these to be £10 per evening for adults and £5 for children (Adults: £20 for 3 evenings; Children £10 for 3 evenings). Tickets will be available on-line as well as at a few local outlets. There may be tickets available on the door although this is a ticket-only event.

Gala Night: this is the awards ceremony and will involve a sit-down buffet. Owing to constraints of numbers of people allowed in the Hall, this will primarily be for representatives of the participating societies.

We are trying to source as much as we can from local companies, e.g. prizes. We are looking for opportunities to involve and work with other groups and organisations within the community. We will be offering sponsorship packages. There will also be opportunities to advertise in programmes etc. Our publicity will be District-wide.

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