Pulborough Harvest Fair (continued)

Thanks to new members Sandra and Alex Howard-Williams for their great turn out as Dorothy and the Scarecrow. Sandra did the scarecrow outfit and make up from scratch. Making up the threesome was the wonderful Herbie Walker who gave a polished performance as Dorothy's dog Toto.

The Team

Outside events do take a lot of time and effort, before and during and we can only do it as a team. Thank you to the Harvest Fair Team for their tremendous help setting up, manning and taking down the West Chiltington Dramatic Society stand and for helping to put the Society well and truly on the map in the Pulborough area. Witch to Wizard to Munchkin to Farmer to the Fab Four - The Oz team was outstanding and it was a very professional performance. The cast were: Dorothy and the Scarecrow - Sandra and Alex Howard-Williams, Toto - Herbie Walker, Cowardly Lion - Angela Sloan, Tin Man - John Pounder, The Wizard of Oz - Geof Steward, Glinda the Good Witch - Janet Methley, Wicked Witches - Hermin Daly, Christine Pounder, Stella Russell, Auntie Em and Farmer - Betsy and John Rimmer and finally our magnificent Munchkins - Jayne Templeman and Penny Walker. Many thanks to Dave Templeman, not in costume, who gave much needed help to the set-up team. The Society also entered the Scarecrow competition. The theme was sci fi and we went for the new Lady Dr Who. Gordon Wells and Janet Methley put 'Who' together. Special thanks to Gordon Wells for the main construction work and for his help setting up on the day, which is a performance in itself. There was a lot of camaraderie among the scarecrow entrants during set up. This was our first visit to the Pulborough Harvest Fair, it is a lovely event and it turned out to be a very successful day for the Society. We were able to promote our work and our forthcoming productions. We gained new and very welcome members. Thank you to the team and hope YOU can join our helpers team next year.

Moments from our May production

Party Piece


£500 Donation to Macular Society


Chairman's Challenge

The 2017 Chairman's Challenge was won by Jean Trew with Partners. The 2018 Chairman's Challenge is now open. An original one act play written by a member of the Society in the last two years, given to the WCDS Chairman by 31 March 2018, is all that is required.

stage scene

stage scene

faces singing

Our November Production will be QUARTET. See the Current Production Page for more information.



People often say that when I mention amateur dramatics, but I suspect what many of them mean is they wouldn't want to. Yes, learning lines can be a bit of a chore but the rewards definitely make the slog worthwhile. What rewards? Well, obviously the applause. The public performances are what we work towards and it's a great feeling when you know you've done a good job and the audience shows their appreciation. But there's a lot more to it than that.

Until a few years ago I'd had no experience whatsoever of being on the stage. However, I enjoy creative writing and I wanted to have a go at play writing. So when I retired, I signed up to be a villager in a local panto to get some insider knowledge. Well, it was a revelation to discover just how many people were involved in putting on that one pantomime: actors, directors, producers, technicians, backstage crew and front of house team, all working together and supporting each other to provide the best possible panto. What a privilege to be part of such a fantastic team. And it was so much fun - I couldn't wait to get to rehearsals each week. I'll never forget the mixture of excitement and terror I felt as I waited for the curtain to open on the first night, nor the overwhelming feel-good factor at the end. I decided to forget about the writing and do the acting instead.

When I joined WCDS in 2015 I was delighted to find a group of similar people with that same camaraderie and enthusiasm for staging the best possible production whilst having as much fun as possible. Our productions are usually comedies so there's no shortage of laughs during rehearsals, and there are brilliant facilities at the hall, with a permanent stage, large changing area and easy parking. Again, it's a privilege to be part of it all.

There's also the opportunity to write a one-act play for the Chairman's Challenge, which prompted me to write again. I was fortunate enough to win and I decided to have a go at directing as well. Again, I was overwhelmed by everyone's support and the effort they put in to make it a success. These one-act plays also give people a chance to try out their acting skills on a smaller scale. Which brings me to:

'I'd worry that I'd forget my lines.'

Well, it does happen, but not as often as you might think, and it's not the end of the world. There's always someone prompting, and the audience are there to be entertained, not give a critique on the actors' performances - they know it's not the Old Vic. So, to anyone thinking of joining an amdram society, whether acting or otherwise, I'd say WCDS has an awful lot to offer. (from Jean Trew)

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