• 14 May - Set Build for Party Piece- Sunday 10.00am to 5pm with Buffet Lunch
  • 25 26 27 May - Full production Party Piece by Richard Harris; directed by Miq Kelland
  • 16 June - Play Reading for Pleasure - Village Hall 7.30pm. We will be reading Geoff Adam's 2016 Chairman's Challenge winning play Women and Children.
  • 19 June - Committee Meeting Annex 7.30pm. AGENDA at Committee page
  • 29 June - Rude Mechanical Theatre Co-Cricket Ground see their Website for details.
  • 15 July - West Chiltington Village Show - WCDS to be there in force (and in costume).
  • 24 July - Rehearsals begin for August Members Event.
  • 31 July - 3 August - Auditions for Quartet.
  • 19 August - Member's Evening in the Village Hall 7 for 7.30pm. Edwin Preece's latest play Hanging on a Thread. See Members Events
  • 4 September - Rehearsals begin for Quartet.
  • 8 September - Committee Meeting Annex 7.30pm
  • 22 September - Community Play Reading Event - all comers - to be held at The Queens Head, West Chiltington
  • 27 October - Play Reading Event - A Sense of Achievement by Jean Trew - The Five Bells, Smock Alley, West Chiltington
  • 12 November - Set Build for November production
  • 23 24 25 November - Full production - Quartet directed by Jennifer and Geofrey Steward
  • 4 December - Committee Meeting Annex 7.30pm
  • 16 December - Christmas Members Evening. Do your own thing once again co-ordinated by Hermin - please contact us if you wish to perform.


  • 8 and 11 January - Auditions for A Sense of Achievement
  • 17 February - Members Evening - A Talk by Ian Gledwell : Art and Illusion
  • 26 February - AGM
  • 13 May - Set Build for Spring Production
  • 24 25 26 May - A Sense of Achievement by Jean Trew
  • 19 August - Members Evening - Women and Children by Geoff Adams
  • 22 23 24 November - Our Autumn Production - TBA
  • December - Do Your Own Thing organised by Hermin


BLUE: Production

GREEN: Members Events

RED: Committee

BLACK: Other

stage setting

Set building is so much fun


Our May production A Sense of Achievement...

...will require a cast of eight, male and female, and with a range of ages. Audition dates are 8 and 11 January.

Our next full production

Quartet by Ronald Harwood

faces singing

The setting is the music room of a retirement home for musicians and our 'Quartet' were all opera singers who achieved considerable success. Three, Reggie, Wilf and Cissie, have been happy residents at the home for some time but are disrupted when joined by the fourth Jean, Reggie's ex-wife. The play is about the integration of the fourth member into the life of the home, and the jealousies within their relationship prior to their retirement. The culmination is the grand event the residents hold each year showcasing their fading talents; this is a special year to celebrate Verdi's birthday. Could this quartet come back together and reprise their critically acclaimed 'Quartet' from Verdi's Rigoletto?

This is an extremely amusing play with four very different characters ranging from the prima donna through the eternal rake to the self effacing. Do come and read for a part, remembering it is easier to age up than down, and don't worry you won't have to sing either at audition or in performance.

Auditions will be held on 31st July and 3rd August 2017 at the West Chiltington Village Hall at 7.30 pm. For more information contact either Jennifer or Geofrey Steward telephone 01798 874 932 or email gandj015@gmail.com

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