November 2015 - Laying the Ghost by Simon Williams

Directed by Margaret and Tony Watton

Set in a genteel retirement home, Margot Buchanan, an ex-actress with failing eyesight is doing her best to ignore her 70th birthday despite the best efforts of all around her. She is visited firstly by Sadie, her ex Leo's current wife Judy then Leo himself. Margot's fellow resident Freda joins in the fun too - when she can spare the time from her Full Monty jigsaw puzzle.

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May 2015 - Relative Values by Noël Coward

Directed by Julia and Doug Yule

Produced by Dave Templeman

Nigel's engagement to vulgar American movie star Miranda Frayle dismays his mother, Felicity. Felicity's personal assistant Moxie makes the rather startling announcement regarding her relationship with Miss Frayle. Butler Crestwell comes up with a cunning plan to help Moxie. However, after Nigel returns to his mother's estate with Miranda in tow, Crestwell's plan is complicated by the unexpected arrival of an inebriated Don, Hollywood icon and Miranda's ex-lover.

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