November 2017 - Quartet by Ronald Harwood

Ronald Harwood's beautifully written play is set in a retirement home for musicians. Residents Reggie, Wilf and Cissy are ex-opera singers who spend their days reminiscing about the past and trying to deal with the indignities of old age. Their routine is disrupted by the arrival of Reggie's ex-wife, Jean, who sang with them in their critically acclaimed performance of the famous quartet from Verdi's Rigoletto. Her appearance stirs up old resentments and unwelcome memories and her integration into the group is difficult. Eventually the four come together to reprise their most notable performance at the grand event held by the residents to celebrate Verdi's birthday.

curtain call

stage scene


May 2017 - Party Piece by Richard Harris

This very funny play was set in the back gardens of feuding neighbours. It was the night of Michael and Roma's fancy-dress house warming party. The evening looked set to be a lively one until a string of hilarious disasters struck, including a distinct lack of guests, a burning garden shed, a marauding Zimmer frame and the prospect of an irate husband on the prowl.

The house owner next door, Mrs Hinson, was played by Betsy Rimmer, who did an amazing job portraying a dotty old lady, wielding a Zimmer frame, and obviously not very enamoured with her daughter-in-law, Jennifer, played by Angela Sloan. The relationship between Mrs Hinson and Jennifer was quite hilarious as there was obviously no love lost between the two characters and this was expressed so well between these two with comical animosity. Then came the very placid son of Mrs Hinson and Jennifer's husband, David, played by the newcomer to WCDS, Colin Penfold. John Rimmer appeared as Toby, very much a ladies' man looking for his next victim, and Janet Methley as Sandy, an extremely brightly-coloured, single, party-goer, loving life. from Amanda Hislop

stage setting

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