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May 2018 - A Sense of Achievement written and directed by Jean Trew

For anyone who has been involved with a fund raising committee Jean Trew's cleverly observed play A Sense of Achievement will have struck a chord. The play opens with Steph and Graham Simpson preparing for the inaugural meeting of the Village Hall Roof Appeal. In these roles Angela Sloan and Robert Ingram delivered very polished performances, playing a couple totally at ease with each other on stage whilst driving the play forward.

Betsy Rimmer as Steph's mother, Mrs Featherstone, gave a performance that was a master class of comic timing and delivery. Betsy never fails to delight her audience. Janet Methley as the WI President Pauline Makepeace, gave a deliciously eccentric performance, well crafted and played with great assurance. Miq Kelland's bumbling Major Wallace was warm and instantly recognisable as was the character of 'Jack the Lad' Eddie Barnes the car dealer played by Ian Stuart. Sue Burroughs as Amelia Lawrence sparkled in her role and to complete the cast Pat Arculus delivered both light and shade in her interpretation of Susie Penshore whilst maintaining the comedy throughout. Congratulations to the stage crew and front of house teams for their contribution to an enjoyable evening. From Wendy Davies

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November 2018 - House Guest by Francis Durbridge, directed by Ralph Wigg

House Guest Dress

House Guest had the audience on the edge of their seats: brilliantly directed by Ralph Wigg, and with a cast at the top of their game the audiences packing the hall over the three evenings were treated to a complex and absorbing play.

The play begins with the news that a couple's son has been kidnapped; a representative of the kidnappers arrives, and surprises the family by stating that all he wants in exchange for restoring their boy to them is to stay in their house as a guest for forty-eight hours. And so the plot begins its may twists and turns.

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