The Vigil

We are now commencing work on our audio adaptation of the play. Watch this space for more news.


artist wanted

Most of us have plenty of time on our hands at present. We are always looking for articles or stories of interest to our members to put on our website. Put these two things together and there's an ideal opportunity for you to write something for these pages and sent it to Rob at


  1. Which company sold the UK’s first Easter Egg?
  2. Which part of the Lindt chocolate bunny is most commonly eaten first?
  3. According to a recent survey, by what time has the average child eaten their first Easter egg on Easter Sunday?
  4. In which century were the first chocolate eggs made?
  5. Which famous mountain is used in the Toblerone logo?
  6. Which chocolate bar has a Swedish version called ‘loop’ and a Canadian version called wig wag?
  7. How many different colours of Smarties are there? Name the colours.
  8. Which Country supplies over 30% of the world’s total cocoa?
  9. How many segments are there in a chocolate orange?
  10. Which chocolate bar was ‘sacked’ from the Celebrations tins in 2006?

from Angela Sloan - answers next week.



We are all looking forward to a great summer as the Covid restrictions are gradually relaxed. How soon life will return to normality is of course most uncertain, but we have our eyes on a November play for this year.

The last play we were able to stage was our November 2019 production of Edwin Preece's The Twelve Days of Christmas.

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AGM Monday 19 April via Zoom at 7:30pm